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  • Is it possible to request a place of work?
    Basically, we do not accept requests for work locations. Clerical and technical staff will work at the head office or overseas offices.
  • How will I be assigned after joining the company?
    For about two months after joining the company, we will conduct group training for new employees at the Tokyo head office. After that, technical employees will be assigned to each work location [Rig], and administrative employees will initially work at the Tokyo head office as a general rule.
  • Do you have a job transfer?
    Both clerical and technical employees are transferred between the head office and domestic and overseas offices. The frequency and cycle will vary from person to person, depending on each person's career development and business needs.
  • Do you have a system related to childbirth and childcare?
    As a related system, "childcare" (6 weeks before childbirth and 8 weeks after childbirth are granted when the person gives birth), "maternity protection leave / leave system" Childcare leave system (for those who take care of a child under the age of 1 and apply for leave for childcare) childcare work system (working hours are shortened by up to 2 hours and 30 minutes per day for those raising children under the age of 3 who apply for childcare work). Childcare-related systems are well-developed.
  • Are childcare-related systems easy to use?
    There are employees who are still using the childcare leave system and the childcare shortened working system, and there is no atmosphere that makes it difficult to use. In addition to holidays, the shortened working hours system is also used. [Records of use: 〇 females, 〇 males]
  • Please tell us about the asset formation system within the company.
    There are property accumulation housing savings, property accumulation pension savings, and a defined contribution pension system.
  • Can I take consecutive holidays?
    In principle, rig workers are in a cycle of four consecutive weeks of work and four consecutive weeks of vacation. However, during the trainee period after joining the company, the percentage of working days will be increased in order to promote proficiency. At the head office, we have decided to take paid summer vacations from July to September every year, and many employees actively take consecutive vacations.
  • I am thinking of applying, what should I do?
    Please check the "Selection flow" and apply from the entry form.
  • I would like to hear from someone who is actually working there.
    We try to introduce as many people as you want, but because there are many overseas employees, it may be difficult to introduce them. In that case, we will introduce a young employee from another university.
  • I plan to graduate from an overseas university. Can I still apply?
    We also accept applicants who are planning to graduate from overseas universities.
  • Do you have a quota for hiring foreigners?
    Although we have not set a special limit, we may hire foreigners if the conditions are met.
  • Do you have any plans to hire junior college students or technical college students?
    For clerical work, we are also hiring junior college students and vocational school students. For technical positions, we actively hire technical college students from technical colleges and merchant marine colleges.
  • What kind of people work at the rig?
    Our rigs always have about 100 people on board, and in addition to our personnel, there are personnel from oil development companies that are our customers and personnel from companies that provide various specialized services. . Our staff is about 60 people, and about 15 people are dispatched from a catering company that we have a contract with, and are in charge of cooking, washing, cleaning the living area, etc. Our personnel are of various nationalities, with the majority being local to the countries where we operate, but Indians make up the majority of our rigs operating in the Middle East. The work I am in charge of is mainly classified into the following three departments. Drilling Division In order to operate the excavation equipment and proceed with the excavation work, we work in two shifts from 0:00 to 12:00 and from 12:00 to 24:00 in groups of about 8 people. Barge Division We are in charge of moving rigs, holding fixed points, receiving equipment, fuel, water, etc. from supply boats, and getting in and out of personnel by helicopter. I work 2 shifts. On jack-up rigs, some staffing is different and some jobs do not involve shift work. Maintenance Department It consists of occupations such as machinery, electricity, engines, welding, etc., and generally works from 6:00 to 18:00, but assistants in charge of engine duty work in two shifts.
  • What is the working method of the rig factor?
    The well is said to be a living thing, and once excavation work is started, the longer the work is interrupted, the worse the conditions inside the well become, and the higher the risk of collapse of the well wall. This means drilling equipment runs continuously and rig crews work shifts, whether on land or at sea. In the case of offshore drilling rigs, there is a 4-way 2-shift system, where 2 out of 4 groups are always on board, each group covers 12 hours of work, and the remaining 2 groups rest in their home country. The working method has become an industry standard. Including our company, a cycle of four consecutive weeks of work and four consecutive weeks of vacation is common, but there are examples in some industries of adopting a shorter cycle. When the 4-week shift ends, after handing over the duties to the replacement personnel in the same position who came on board by helicopter (or boat), they disembark the rig by helicopter on the way back. On land, I stop by the office and have a meeting, and if my return flight is late at night, I do sightseeing and shopping. The living quarters within the rig also include a gym and theater room for the comfort of the rig crew. In addition, in the cafeteria, we offer multiple menus in a buffet style so that we can respond to the taboos of Islam and Hinduism.
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