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Our People

Japan Drilling is an international company. Our personel come from more than 20 countries.
We hire local staff in our operational regions and provide safety and job skill training. More than 70 % of purchases are local in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.  We endeavor to contribute to the growth of the local economy.
And we are proud to say that donations for orphanages and infant cancer facilities in Indonesia.


Rig-based personnel work four weeks and then take four weeks off.
During the their off-time, they can enjoy hobbies and travel for a long period of time, and can also concentrate on their personal studies and qualifications. One of our crew is a YOUTUBER through our side job program!


You can work from any region in Japan.

Rig personnel travel by airplane and helicopter to the rig from anywhre in their home country.  This flexible living location helps to revitalize local towns and communities, and aids regional development.

Meet our team >>> way of life.

Our rig personnel reside in various locations in Japan (and other contries). They spent their 4-week vacations in different ways.
Click on the icon button that interests you!


More Crew Life ?

Meet the elephants in Sri Lanka

Rig personnel on vacation get together for a BBQ!

Observing drift ice in Greenland

I am building a vacation home.

Advances in technology woven by tradition and innovation

This is a tradition in which JDC employees form a team and pass on technology and know-how to younger employees and engineers.
Furthermore, in order to ensure safety and further improve operations, we realize daily innovations at the site by exchanging opinions with all crew members.
As these two things overlap, JDC Crew's technology continues to advance today.


What is work at sea?

Click here to learn about the work system for JDC employees who work on the ocean.

リグ勤務の魅力について、HAKURYU-10のBarge Engineer、Chief Mechanicに語ってもらっています。リグ勤務に興味のある方は、どうぞご覧ください!

​If you have intereste for our company...

Please visit our "Recruit" page.

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