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Working style

4 weeks work, 4 weeks vacation work style

Work on board
4 weeks

4 weeks

You can work from anywhere in Japan


You can't taste it at other companies! attendance at work! !

Rig workers can come to work from anywhere in the country.
We transfer planes and helicopters and go to work at the rig of the operating country.

Realizing regional revitalization through JDC's way of working that connects and revitalizes towns, people, and jobs.

JDC's rig workers have a unique way of working!

Time schedule

Must provide drilling services to customers around the clock in accordance with JDC's main drilling contract.
​Therefore, in the rig 12 hours/2 shiftsIt has adopted.
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Why working 12 hours?

Rigs are limited to the number of people that can be on board.
The rigs we own have a capacity of 120 to 150 people, which is a standard capacity even from a global perspective.
(In the case of the Chikyu operated by our company, the capacity is 200 people.)

If it is an eight-hour shift system, three teams must be on board. One team consists of 50 to 60 people, and if there are 3 teams, the number of people on board will be over 150. This does not include the staff working in the living quarters, and these numbers add up to over capacity.
​According to international treaties to ensure the necessary safety of working at sea, no more than the lifeboat's crew can work.

​So we came up with the idea of a 12-hour shift system.

In the case of Chikyu, it has a strong connotation of a scientific drilling vessel, and a large number of researchers for each project will board and set out on a voyage. If that happens, even with a capacity of 200 people, it will be difficult to work 8 hours and 3 shifts.
12 hour shift
(work four hours more)
4 weeks continuous work
​(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidaysis irrelevant)
4 weeks vacation

Work on the rig

Free time on the rig

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Meal break
Meals are served buffet style.

There are people of various nationalities in the rig. People of the same nationality often have different religions. Due to the diverse environment, there are also restrictions on meals.

​Depending on the country of operation, Halal food for Muslims may be prepared. This is also a daily routine unique to JDC, which respects a wide variety of environments.
​In the cabin
The crew relaxing in the cabin after work.

Listen to music, watch movies on TV, watch sports... How you spend your time in the cabin is up to you.
The rig has Wi-Fi so you can keep in touch with family, friends and loved ones during breaks.

However, even though it is a break, it is necessary to spend it quietly without making noise. On the rig, the working hours differ depending on the crew, and some crew members are asleep.
​It is also important for each other to “respect” each other.
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Employees on leave

A work style that allows you to demonstrate your individuality

The crew worked 4 weeks and then had 4 weeks off.
During vacations, you can enjoy your hobbies and travel for a long period of time, and you can also concentrate on your personal studies and qualifications. Some crews are active as YouTubers using the side job system!

Hiring Team: Fujimoto / Ogasawara
Personnel (Human Resources) Section,
Human Resources & Administration Department,
Japan Drilling Co., Ltd.

Phone: 03-6858-0931 (Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
The Parkrex Asakusabashi
1-4-5 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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