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Environmental Conservation Initiatives


Environmental Conservation Initiatives

Forest Conservation Partnership Program

The signing ceremony was held in Maebashi on July 27, 2011 with Mr. Takehiro Ikemoto, Vice Governor of Gunma Prefectural Government and Mr. Minoru Murata, the then President and Representative Director in attendance. In alignment with its commitment to environmental conservation, JDC signed a 10-year forest conservation partnership agreement with Gunma prefecture, effective from August 1, 2011.

As an offshore drilling contractor, JDC has been highly committed to preservation of the marine environment since its incorporation in 1968. This year, 2011, was declared the International Year of Forests by the United Nations and JDC has taken this opportunity to commence new conservation activities on the land-side, including participating in the forest conservation partnership program managed by Gunma prefecture.

The initiative is a corporate contribution to the conservation of national forests, and it is a great opportunity for all JDC employees to think about the importance of environmental conservation and act forward accordingly.

Forest conservation partnership agreement signing ceremony on July 27, 2011
Forest name :Umi to Daichi wo Tsunagu Mori
   (Forests Connecting Ocean and Land)
Location :Akagi prefectural forest, Maebashi, Gunma pref.
Area :1.05 hectares
Period :August 1, 2011 - July 31, 2021 (10 years)
Types of trees :3000 trees
   (Japanese black pine, mountain cherry blossoms)
Estimated CO2 sink :51.5 tonnes over 10 years
Contribution amount :3 million yen
PlantingHP3 PlantingHP2
The aim: A healthy black pine forest 51.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be removed from the atmosphere over 10 years

Beach Cleaning Project

JDC has started its beach cleaning project to collect trash and rubbish in the Shonan beach area in Kanagawa prefecture from the summer of 2011. The Shonan beach area is famous for marine sport activities and many people visit the area for summer family outing. Through its Beach Cleaning Project, JDC employees and their families are actively involved in safe keeping of the marine environment.