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This is JDC

We are the only company in Japan with offshore oil and natural gas drilling technology.


Off the Mahakam River, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Our company was born in 1969 on an offshore rig with the three characters "Washite Taku" written by the founder. The spirit at the time of our founding has spread to countries around the world for more than half a century, forming bonds that continue to be passed down today.

In the 21st century, fossil fuels are being watched with stern scrutiny, and we continue to take on challenges in the field of renewable energy, taking advantage of our strengths in technology and experience cultivated in the oceans of 28 countries around the world, as well as our relationships of trust with customers. We continue to contribute to solving the world's energy problems.

The stage of activity is all over the world!

Playing a role in resource development and contributing to the people of the world... This is JDC, Japan Drilling Co., Ltd.

Our Business Model

The energy development business can be broadly divided into upstream and downstream. There are several stages from the evaluation of the mining area in the upstream business to the refining and sales of the downstream business, and multiple companies are involved in each stage.

We are the company responsible for the upstream business, and we receive requests from energy development companies that have acquired mining areas and specialize in the work process of drilling using the rigs we own.

Area Evaluation
Exploration work
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Provide Drilling services
Human Resources
Offshore Mobile Drilling rig
​(Daily contract rate)
Energy Development company
​ (Client)

Our primary business model is to remunerate by providing drilling services to our customers - domestic and foreign energy development companies.

A feature of our business is that compensation is based on the DAYRATE system.

In other words, it is a remuneration form such as “how much for the service provided per day”.

For example, there is no risk that remuneration will not be paid even if there is no energy source such as oil or natural gas in the well that the customer wants as a result of drilling.


For more than 50 years, we have contributed to solving energy problems in the world and in Japan through our activities as an Drilling contractor in the world's oceans. Meanwhile, the earth is struggling with various inequalities, climate change, and other problems. This is a reality that no one, including ourselves, can turn our eyes away from, and we are being forced to respond to it.

Under these circumstances, we at JDC will continue to provide services to help realize a sustainable society, not only with our offshore drilling technology and experience cultivated in the world's oceans, but also with new technologies such as renewable energy and CCS (Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage). We will continue to provide services to realize a sustainable society.

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Video Library

This is a movie explaining the details of our offshore drilling business.
(Audio and text in the video are in Japanese only.)

What we need now is your power!

Application Requirements

Have experience in drilling operations / offshore operations and would like to work on a rig with a limited job title.
We apologize...
We are not currently accepting applications for any position on the rig.
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