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JDC announces construction of new High Specification Jack-Up Rig


Japan Drilling Co., Ltd. today announced that the Company has entered into an agreement for the construction of one new high-specification jack-up drilling rig with Keppel FELS Limited as a solid part of the expansion of the Company's rig fleet pursuant to its growth strategy.

The KFELS Super B Class design is one of the world's deepest drilling rigs with drilling depth of 35,000 ft. This rig's leg structure is uniquely designed to provide enhanced robustness for operations at 425 ft water depth. The rig is engineered to operate in high ambient temperatures and can accommodate 150 personnel onboard. It features an offline stand building capability to handle drill pipes efficiently, a combined drilling load of up to 2,700 kips and a high capacity hook load of 2 million pounds, boosting overall rig performance and productivity.

Yuichiro Ichikawa, Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer said, "We plan to further expand our business operations globally and strengthen our offshore fleet to address the diverse needs of our customers. The utilization of our existing rigs is currently at an optimal level and we believe that the KFELS Super B class will be an important addition to boost our capabilities and offerings to customers."