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NAGA 1 (former HAKURYU-3) Semi-Submersible Rig

Design Mitsubishi MD25-SP propulsion-assisted semi-submersible drilling rig
Overall Length 101 m
Overall Breadth 79.0 m including anchor rack
Main Deck Elevation 37.5 m
Max. Variable Load 3,200 ton (Drilling)
Max. Operating Water Depth 300 m
Max. Drilling Depth 9,000 m
Displacement 30,912 ton
Quarters 120 beds
Class ABS, NK, IMO MODU Code A414
Ship Registration Panama
Construction Yard Hiroshima Shipyard & Engine Works, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Life enhanced and upgraded October 2012
Drawworks CONTINENTAL EMSCO-Mitsubishi / C-3TYPE II
Mud Pumps CONTINENTAL EMSCO-Mitsubishi / FB-1600 x 3
Top Drive VARCO / TDS-4S
BOP 18 3/4" / 10K BOP stack
Drill String Compensator NL Shaffer / 500K with 18 ft stroke
Riser Pipe Tensioners NL Shaffer / 160K (twin tensioner) x 4
Riser Pipes VETCO / 21" OD / MR-6C
Engines Daihatsu / 8VSHTC-26D 2,100PS x 4
Electricity Generators Mitsubishi Electric / CFC-DP x 4
Anchors Mitsubishi Electric Anchor Windlass x 4, Bruce FFTS Anchor(12 tons) x 8