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R&D (Methane Hydrate)

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Research & Development
(Methane Hydrate Development)

Methane Hydrate (MH) is expected to be a future energy resource in Japan. Large reserves of MH is believed to exist in the ocean surrounding Japan. As such, JDC is taking part in the development of MH research and development project under the program entitled Japan's Methane Hydrate Exploitation Program (MH21) established in July 2001. JDC conducts R&D services on the following subjects:

(1) Technical Verification Test and Experiments

In the 2004 METI "Tokai-oki to Kumano-nada" drilling program, JDC undertook a drilling technology experiment in the MH zone. It included 100m horizontal drilling in an unconsolidated and very shallow section.

(2) FEED for Offshore Methane Hydrate Production Test

JDC is planning a MH production test around offshore Japan.
This will be carried out from 2009 on and may be the world's first MH production test in an offshore area.

(3) Attribution Risk Analysis for Methane Hydrate Depressurization Method

At this moment, there is no feasible method established to produce MH. JDC is going a step further in R&D for MH production method.

(4) Feasibility Study of Methane Hydrate Development

The Economic feasibility evaluation for MH Development was conducted with an MH Economics Basic Model, a computational program developed by JDC engineers.

Combustion Experiment of MH

If you would like any further information or have any questions about our MH development, please feel free to contact us. Please note some information on this R&D project shall be kept confidential in accordance with the agreements with the parties concerned.

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